About Cortex

Disrupting industries with innovation.


Creating a data-centric future with transparency at its core.


We aim to solve the most critical issues and unlock new values across industries and around the globe.


Creating the “Invincible Company” by cultivating innovation and execution culture under the same roof. Exploring the future, while excelling at exploiting the present.

It’s all about the people


We are a group of students studying Engineering in IoT at Savonia University of Applied Sciences. We came from different cultures, but we have in common the same mission. We are motivated, skilled, result-oriented, and problem solvers. We empower each other from each other’s skills. Ranging from deep tech, design to business skills. We believe that we are the dream team. With the advising of the board also, we believe in completing the mission successfully.


2018 – Sep

Sold the first custom software made for advertising agency. This is the time when Cortex was founded.

2019 – Feb

Cortex scales from a SaaS initiative, to a SaaS and web development startup.

2020 – Jan

Cortex scales to a full digital agency.

2021 – Jun

Cortex reinvents itself. Setting a new vision for the word and a mission for the industries.

2021 – Jul

Cortex builds a small team at Savonia University, developing the IoT and blockchain infrastructure.

2021 – Aug

Cortex adjusts and builds successfully a custom Hyperledger Sawtooth blockchain inside AWS.

2021 – Sep

Cortex Platform connected with blockchain and launched successfully.

2021 – Oct

Ruuvi sensors tested successfully with the infrastructure.

2021 – Nov

Kaunila sensors tested successfully with the infrastructure.

2021 – Dec

Movesense – Suunto sensors tested successfully with the infrastructure.


We are constantly innovating to build a one-of-a-kind infrastructure for industries to remove friction, build trust and unlock new values, across industries and around the globe. With our solution it is possible building a scalable, enterprise-grade distributed system for your purposes, using a proven network design framework that drives operational agility while opening new revenue streams.


Kolindo Nika

Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

John Doe


John Doe

Chief Operating Officer, Board Member

John Doe

Board Member

John Doe

Industry Expert, Board Member

John Doe

Non-Executive Director, Board Member

John Doe

Vice President, Cortex IoT

John Doe

Vice President, Cortex Blockchain

John Doe

Vice President, Cortex R&D